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!   Keep in Mind

  • The most crowded period of Datça is between 15 July and 30 August.
  • Unlike Bodrum and Marmaris, Datça does not have a noisy nightlife.
  • Even on very hot days, you can easily sleep at nights because of cool evening breeze.
  • In spring and fall, even though it is warm at daytime, you may need a thin pullover at night.

Villages and Coves

You should absolutely visit villages of Datça. Unique social life of the villages is very interesting for visitors.

You can swim everywhere in Datça. Some of those places are the following:

  • Taslik beach, Azganli bay, Kumluk beach, Kargi bay,and Emecik in Datça;
  • Ovabuku cove, Hayitbuku cove and Palamut buku cove in Mesudiye

You can visit 80% of the coves by boat and 20% of them by car.

Trips in Datça

From spring to fall, you may take a daily boat trip at Datça harbor. There are also long boat trips to Knidos. In addition, there are sea buses to Greek islands such as Rodos, Simi and Kos.

Places to see

Antique city Knidos

Knidos city-state was founded by Dors around 700 B.C. It is situated at the farthest western tip of Datça peninsula. Its remains and amphi theater must be seen.

Old Datça ve house of Can Yücel

Single or double storey stone houses of Old Datça and their garden full with begonvil flowers and ivys should be seen. Famous poet Can Yücel's house should not be skipped.

Lake Ilica

Also called as Byzantine pool, lake Ilica offers you the opportunity to swim in its healing waters.

Resadiye District

It takes its name from the Ottoman Sultan Resat. It is the old center of the peninsula. There you can see the Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion, one of the good examples of Turkish architecture. In the Atolye Evi you can see small stone sculptures of architect Necdet Kırımsoy.

Tomb of Can Yücel

You can see the original design of the tomb of famous Turkish poet Can Yücel.


The Hizirsah mosque remains from the time of Seldjuks.