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Lake Ilica
Lake Ilica

Also called Byzantine Pool, Lake Ilica offers you its healing waters.


"A different holiday place with its climate, beautiful nature and authenticity."
  • Almost zero humidity
  • High oxygen level
  • Ideal temperatures
  • 300 days sunny
  • Protected nature

Datça has almost zero humidity level, that is why the heat is never suffocating. You do not feel the heat in summer because there is always a soft breeze. Oxygen level is very high. In summer it does not rain.

Amongst Datca's specialties, we can count tracks for nature walks, clean beaches with blue flags, and 300 days sunny weather.

You will contemplate almond trees, olive trees and colorful begonvil flowers.

If you travel to villages, you can see beehives everywhere. Datça is famous for its honey.